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Our color pallete is inspired by the unique nature of South France. Bring a little French flair to your home in Middle East. A journey into the heart of France’s most beloved region through the rich tapestry of colors that constitute the Provencal palette.

Under the bright Provencal sun, the colors of earth, stone, trees, fruits, and flowers give this region its unique character and beauty—from the deep purple of lavender fields to the radiant yellow of sunflowers, and from the bright red of vine-ripened tomatoes to the earthy blackness of fresh truffles, the essential elements of Provence are unfolded chapter by chapter and color by color.

Choose from our Provencal color palette


From more than 50 colors! Create your furniture and explore a variety of painted finishes: Classic, Patinated and Vintage. You have all the options to match your interiors and design your home: choose the color combination for the exterior and interior of cabinets.

All our furniture is handcrafted following a traditional method. Our furniture is entirely built in hard wood coming from European forests where re-plantation is guaranteed. Our patinas are carefully created utilizing water based products that respect the environment. The patina of our furniture is given by hand through a long term process, which gives each object the unique character that will only grow with time passing.

To customize your furniture visit our showroom located in the Green Community, Dubai Investment Park 1. We’re open everyday from 10am to 8pm. Delivery time for customized furniture is between 10-14 weeks.

By founder Aksana Demakina


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