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Your dining room is a truly multi-functional space – its where we eat, entertain and sometimes even work. The dining area is the perfect place for overflow storage of anything that won’t fit in your kitchen cupboards.

Decorater’s Tip: Your room should dictate the size of your table, but if often pays to think outside the box. You don’t have to buy a rectangular table simply because the room has that shape. Mixing up linear lines creates interest.

Placing a round dining table in a square dining room often results in a more pleasing outcome for the space. Round dining table creates a welcoming, friendly and comfortable room environment.

Benefits of having a round table are:

-> A round table has usually a single leg and provides you more leg room.
-> Round dining tables take less space, right option for small rooms.
-> Round’n’Round so no sharp edges, perfect for families with young children.
-> A round table is great for having a family come together or a conversation, everyone can see each other.

Benefits of a rectangular dining table:

-> Rectangular dining tables are perfect for a large gathering, it allows more than sixth people to join the table.
-> A great advantage is you can place the rectangular table against the walls without disturbing their functionality which is not possible with a round shaped table.
-> With a rectangular table you can also save space by using dinner benches that you can push under the table after dinner.
-> The Master piece for any dining room when it comes to display your favourite dishes – the cabinet.

Stuart Kitchen Cabinet: A tall cabinet with a mix of drawers and glass-fronted doors. You can also share and display your special crockery and dinnerware in this cabinet, rather than hiding it behind cupboard doors. The Stuart cabinet is made of solid pinewood with oak in the middle. The storage unit is giving you plenty of space to store all your dining dishes and the drawers are perfect to store your cutlery and napkins.

Sophie Sideboard: A great addition to a narrow dining room, as it’s a slim yet functional. The Sophie sideboard features three pull out drawers to use for additional storage during a dinner party. Place your drinks tray or plate on it. Made of solid wood. Sliding doors.

Dining chair: If you’re short on space, select dining chairs that don’t have any arms, giving you the most seating space around your dining table.

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