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Sofa guide

How to choose the perfect sofa?

Which sofa to choose?

All our sofas are designed in Europe and tailor-made to your wishes with high quality fillings and an extremely durable quality. We offer a 5 year guarantee too! All the wood we use is FSC-Certified, our leather upholstery comes from the finest Italian tannery, and all our upholstery fabrics are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified. So you can rest back, relax knowing you are purchasing a quality furniture.

This brings us to the question of which size, which design, which model and which color should you choose? It’s not always so easy, so we’ve created a sofa guide that will help you tailor-make your perfect sofa.

Step-by-step guide: How to choose the perfect sofa

We will guide you through the many options in 5 steps, which will help inform you about which sofa to buy. We cover the most common questions, from size and design to color and the fabric to choose.
step by step to choose a perfect sofa

Step 1: What size should your sofa be?

The size is where you begin with – how many people would you like to seat in the room? Will you be having guests over and you will need additional space? Will people be sitting in a relaxed position or in a formal manner? Will you have windows that might be blocked if your sofa is too big? If you have a lot of space, it’s good to take up only a little space with a corner or modular sofa. In a smaller room a 3 seater with a 2 seater in a classic setting might be more suitable. In a compact room, a small size L shaped lounger is ideal.

2-seater Sofa

A classic yet timeless options that doesn’t require much space. A 2-seater sofa can work alone or as a set up with 2 armchairs across or next to it.

Step 2: Which design of sofa to choose?

Do you like sofas having irregular shapes? Sofas with Round corners, organic shapes are very trendy now and have made a comeback from the 60’s and 70’s. Or do you prefer simple sofas with a timeless appeal in stylish design?

Modular sofa or Classic Sofa?

Modular Sofas

The modular sofa has wide surfaces and a deep seating depth. It comes with several modules that can be combined in different ways. It allows you to grow and expand as new needs arise. Many of our modular sofas include the Seymour, Benedict, Felicia, Lincoln, Thomas, Enzo Sofa.

Classic Sofas

Explore our classic sofas, which have the aesthetics of Scandinavian design. Clean lines and excellent comfort with a timeless look. Chanel, Enzo, Benedict sofa are some of our classic model styles.

Step 3: Fabric, color and material?

Our collection of upholstery fabrics and leathers is beautifully curated to highlight different room settings – calm spaces, bold colors and rich patters. Whether you’re looking for bouclé, velvet, wool or leather, all our models can be upholstered from any in our library. You can then also custom-design with us your matching curtains, bed spreads, cushions and much more.


Bouclé is soft, very comfortable to sit on and looks amazing from across the room because of its texture. There is nothing quite like it! We use only the finest European made Bouclé.


Nappa leather offers a higher degree of luxury than standard Leather. It is a soft, extremely supple full-grain leather with a natural look and feel. The finest leather exclusively from Italy.


Corduroy is a durable fabric that has a velvet like appearance and is very soft to the touch. Available in a fantastic range of colors.

Step 4: Water resistant, easy to clean, pet proof?

We offer the largest variety of fabrics from Europe which offer everyday conveniences to your sofa, which makes maintaining and cleaning a breeze. Water-repellent fabrics are having a special technology which prevent water from seeping into the fabric. Accidental spills from wine on your sofa won’t ruin your couch. You can simply wipe blot away any liquid with a dry tissue, and clean with soap and a damp cloth. Fabrics which are pet proof have a high martindale which prevent snagging and tearing of your sofa covers. The abrasion resistance or Martindale should be above 20,000 rubs. This means a fabric is having a hard wearing surface which will last a long time. Most of our fabrics are having an abrasion count in the range of 45,000 to 120,000!

Step 5: Design your Sofa

We hope you now feel ready to design your very own sofa. Whichever model you choose, all our sofas are created by skilled craftsmen and are tailor-made just for you! Enjoy!
Our customizer enables you to view the sofa in 3D and spin it around to see all angles and details, You can click from over 100 fabrics to see how your sofa will look in the color. You can even message us if you need a size of sofa that is not listed on our website. We are completely tailor-made and can personalize the sofa to fit into odd corners, asymmetrical rooms, and even oval rooms!
benedict lounger sofa

Need more time?

When you visit us in the store, you’ll be met by our expert store staff who will assist you and guide you through the process of customizing and ordering your sofa! You will also have a personalized offer to take home, which is designed with the dimensions of your room.

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