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Make a Royal Statement with Cozy Home Dubai’s King Size Bed Collection

In Dubai, the heart of luxury and comfort, making a royal statement for your bedroom has never been more accessible, other than at Cozy Home. Recognized as the best furniture store in UAE, we offer a great collection of king-size beds that give comfort and a lavish experience. With worldwide shipping to 186 countries and a 5 years assurance on every product, we ensure your dream bed is just a click away. Our website features 3-D models for better visualization, helping you select the perfect bed while sitting conveniently in your room.

Our Luxurious King Size Bed Collection

A king-size bed from Cozy Home Dubai is an example of luxury and style; it is a way of life preference. Here’s a sight into our majestic series:

Marshmallow King Size Bed

Introducing the Marshmallow King Size Bed, a dreamy addition to your bedroom from Cozy Home Dubai! Its stylish shape, finished in warm walnut, strongly supports a night’s sleep. The headboard is an excellent combination of fashion and coziness. You can choose between eco-leather or fabric, allowing you to customize your bed to your taste. The Marshmallow King Size Bed is solid and stylish, resting gracefully on two stainless steel feet with a matte finish.

  • Elegant structure in a warm velvet finish.
  • Customizable upholstery in eco-leather or fabric.
  • Stylish layout headboard for added appeal.
  • Two strong stainless-steel feet with a matte finish.

Kameko King Size Bed with Side Tables

Introducing the Kameko King Size Bed with Side Tables – a masterpiece of comfort from Cozy Home Dubai. It’s constructed from high-class wood. The combination of nubuck material, polyester lamb’s wool, or fabric offers a taste that fits your style. The headboard, wrapped in gentle leather filling, signals you to relax. The sturdy, stable brackets and the innovative wood-slatted base provide support, ensuring a restful sleep. Show comfort with the fashionable “bubble” design, a symbol of Cozy Home Dubai.

  • Combination of Nubuck, Polyester Lamb’sLamb’s wool, or fabric
  • Wood Base for Unique Support
  • The unique “bubble” shape design shows comfort.
  • Side Cushions with Decorative Shapes for Aesthetic

Venosa King Size Bed

Introducing the Venosa King Size Bed, a masterpiece of comfort and style from Cozy Home Dubai! Beneath its captivating exterior, the bed’s internal structure, manufactured from poplar plywood, is outstanding. The stuffing, crafted from crushproof polyurethane with densities, supports you in gentle, welcoming shapes. It’s like a warm hug that promises you a nighttime of complete rest. This adorable bed will immediately become the point of interest of your bedroom, thanks to its relaxed layout, which is made stylish by using those beautiful Canaletto walnut feet.

  • Solid Canaletto walnut feet for stability and style
  • Customizable headboard and bed base covers
  • Strong internal shape with poplar plywood
  • Luxury stuffing for final comfort

Laurent King Size Bed

The Laurent king-size bed is a tribute to the beauty of nature and thoughtful design. Crafted with care, this bed embraces the inherent beauty of wood, with every piece showing unique textures, grains, and patterns, making it one-of-a-kind. Its irregular headrest with rattan and a corner mirror reflects a special artistic touch, balanced by four wooden ball legs ensuring perfect balance. There is a wood shelf in front of the mirror where you can place small objects and additional storage space for your essentials on the opposite side, serving as a bedside table.

  • Made from solid wood.
  • Sturdy and elegant, with four wooden legs.
  • Built-in bedside tables on the sides for placing your essentials.
  • Mattress size: 180×200 cm (not included with bed)

Nolan King Size Bed

Introducing the Nolan King Size Bed – the combination of luxurious and modern comfort by Cozy Home Dubai. Soft touches and a gracefully wavy bed head shape are the attractions of the Nolan Bed. Every element has been carefully crafted to create a beautiful bedroom piece that reflects your taste with elegance and charm. The bed base, embroidered with shining gold stainless steel, elevates lavishness. The Nolan king-size bed merges modern design with unending grace.

  • Soft Lines on the Headboard for a Unique Charm
  • Shiny Gold Stainless Steel Base that raises luxury
  • Uniting Modern Design with a Glamorous Antique Feel

Signature Collection by Cozy Home

Cozy Home Dubai shows its Signature Collection, a choice of king-size beds that symbolize unique comfort. This range consists of standout pieces, including the supremely comfortable Marshmallow King Size Bed and the elegantly designed Laurent King Size Bed. Crafted with precision and the usage of the finest materials, every bed in the series offers a unique mixture of style, comfort, and durability, making sure we not only meet but exceed your expectations for luxurious bedding.

Designing Your Dream Bedroom with a Cozy Home

Designing your dream bedroom turns into a fact with Cozy Home Dubai. Leveraging the power of 3-D models on our website, you can visualize how distinctive king-size beds, from the simple Venosa to the unique Kameko King king-size bed with Side Tables, will remodel your bedroom. This innovative device helps you choose the perfect bed that aligns with your taste and existing decor, ensuring an organized and elegant bedroom setup that reflects your way of life.

Why Cozy Home Dubai?

Cozy Home Dubai is the best furniture store in UAE for its quality products and dedication to customer satisfaction. Our king-size beds are designed with your comfort and style in mind, ensuring a perfect combination of functionality and luxury. With the ease of 3-D models on our website, you may visualize exactly how every bed will look in your area, making the selection smooth and enjoyable.


In the end, if you want to make a royal statement in your bedroom, look no further than Cozy Home Dubai’s king-size bed series. With our wide variety of styles, from plush and comfortable to sleek and modern, you’re sure to find the best bed to elevate your sleeping experience to unparalleled luxury and comfort. Visit us now and start living the dream with Cozy Home Dubai.


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