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My Berlin Home – Living Room

During the break out of corona I decided to fly back home and be there for my mother. The city where I grew up and spend the most of my life time – Berlin.When  I arrived I was greeted by the spring weather and my lovely dogs; a Chihuahua named Sugar and my circus dog the toy Poodle, Raphael Pati Blues (full name by doggie passport).

Our Berlin apartment is a very cozy small place – I love coming here and remembering my childhood. We recently renovated it and I helped my mum to furnish it – it turned out to be a happy place.

When it comes to creating a home, think about three words you would like people to feel when they enter your home. Our three magic words for this apartment are: comfortable, functional and warm.

Choose your mood

Rather than going for a particular style I first decided the mood. If you want a lively space, a mix of colors and patterns bring energy to a room. If you crave calm, choose subtle patterns or tone-on-tone, textured elements. My mom prefers neutral colors as she feels it’s much easier to decorate around it with funky home accessories and keep changing those. The beige walls are the perfect background to play in more neutral.

Consider neutrals: If you have good natural light, all-white walls can be a great backdrop. Otherwise the space can feel cold and lifeless. A soft neutral like grey or taupe can be a pleasing way to warm a room.

Deciding what you really want

When furnishing our apartment I first thought first about the needs of my mum and my two lovely dogs. The first rule is as the home is for you and your family, mainly consider how your home can accommodate what you enjoy and need. Find solutions for your problems and decide what you really need. Our place is not big, but my mum loves to collect items and they need space. Remember to de-clutter your home you need to give all of your belongings a storage.

You gonna live here so you have to be in love with your home. Most of us want to feel good about our home. We want to like being home and feel comfy and cozy.

A Cabinet is a very useful helper

The home of my Mum’s porcelain collection is a beautiful white cabinet with my favorite espagnolette locks in a nice antique finish. Antique patina of furniture gives the old wood look and makes a place very homie. A cabinet is a big helper in an apartment as it helps to avoid clutter and the items don’t get dusty. We use it for all our glassware, dishes and porcelain. When guests arrive the porcelain coffee set is always ready to serve within close reach. You can use a cabinet to store your books, dishes or show off your favorite home décor.

Simple Solution- Sideboard with TV Table

Another helper to declutter our living room is the Artem sideboard which also serves as a TV Unit. The elegant wood piece offers plenty of storage space for coffee books, dishes and other nick nacks. I’m not a fan of low TV Units as I don’t like to look down. A good option is to hang the TV on the wall, which I feel looks modern and saves space. We went ahead with a simple solution and placed our TV on top. The Artem has a big surface and we still managed to place a flower vase on the side. You can find the Artem Sideboard at Cozy Home

Your home will be more beautiful when everything is in place! Find your systems and containers that reflect your personality, suit your style, and make your home more efficient.

The perfect Sofa
We love to spend time together, what is better than a good chat with a cup of tea with your loved ones on a comfy sofa? Our sofa is our main furniture piece and we love it

My mum loves to watch old movies – the classical breakfast at Tiffanys or Mrs.Marple we watch over and over again. The comfy L-shape sofa is extra wide, extra soft and in an off white color which is the perfect choice for us. The best thing is after many years of use and having two dogs it still looks like new. The covers are removable, we can simply wash it in our washing machine. The fabric is such that it doesn’t show spots fast even though it is a bright color. The cushion durability is fantastic as the cushion are all perfect in shape. Consider to spend a bit more on your sofa, if you would like to keep it for long and always pay attention to the fabric.

A quality sofa will last you a lifetime so invest in a good one. Quality translates into beauty and comfort.

Nest Coffee Tables – practical and useful!

The Nest coffee table is another simple and useful furniture piece. The neutral wood and minimalistic metal frame gives it an airy look and indeed this beauty is light-weight so we can pull it when having a cup of tea – adjust it any way you like!

The feature on the table is a unique lively vase which my Mum decorates with seasonal flowers. Flowers are an inexpensive way to add life and colors to your interior. In Dubai I prefer to use dry flowers as they last much longer. Create a Vignette you like to look at. Choose what you use – books, magazines, boxes, candles, trays, flowers or objects – according to what pleases your eye.

You can find the Griffin Nest Tables at Cozy Home here

To achive a beautiful vigentete try to create layers. Use objects with different heights. Go for different patterns. Add Flowers! Include a variety of shapes and textures. Stay in the color palette of your room.

I hope you enjoyed my little excursion to Berlin and found some useful tips to create your Cozy Home. Have fun and enjoy the process and remember a home is never ready. Its like a story and you’re adding the chapetrs.


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