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Effortlessly combining warmth and texture, our Luxury Bouclé is the perfect way to add character to your interiors. Rugged yet soft, the twisted wool fibers, sourced from the very best mills in Spain, are incredibly durable and perfectly suited to organic shaped sofas, beds and accent chairs with gentle curves and interesting corners. Available in over 20 shades, this fabric is ideal for creating interest in the living room with a unique texture and look.
It’s highly textured, as it adds visual interest to a room or piece which would otherwise be neutral.
It’s feel can be described as somewhere between the soft fluffiness of Sherpa fleece and the natural texture of linen.
Bouclé makes anything look and feel luxurious. A sofa becomes instantly warm and Scandinavian in vibe. Bouclé is perfect for a adding coziness to a home.
Is Bouclé practical? Unlike Sherpa, bouclé can easily be machine washed. All stains will be removed when you wash it at 40 degrees celcius. Bouclé doesn’t shed, is extremely durable and does not fade. This makes bouclé a very practical fabric for homes.
Bouclé is a heavy weight fabric, measuring in at 570 g/m2, and has a very high abrasion count of over 100,000 rubs. This makes the fabric very resistant to wear and tear.

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