Atlas 3-Seater Sofa

AED  7,995.00

Introducing the modern “Atlas 3-seater Sofa” brought to you by Cozy Home Dubai. It is a masterpiece of furniture. The seat is soft and cozy to provide a luxury of comfort. Enhance the interior beauty of your living space with its artistic design.

The “Atlas 3-seater sofa” offers a complete package with its back cushions. Rest your back on its fluffy pillows. The armrests add value to the overall comfort. The filling foam is wrapped around high-quality fabric that gives it a nice and warm texture. The four-foot wooden legs complement its beauty and provide extra stability as well.

  • Comfortable seats elevate your seating experience.
  • Back cushions that provide extra comfort
  • Armrests provide additional relaxation.
  • Wooden legs provide stability to the body.

Dimensions: Length 250cm, Width 95cm, Height 80cm, Seat Height 40cm