Carter Modern Marble Coffee Table

AED  10,450.00

Wouldn’t it be amazing to own a unique coffee table that stands out from the rest? One that is unique not just in its design, but also in the materials used to create it? Well, look no further! This one-of-a-kind piece not only looks great but is highly functional as well. This unique coffee table features a metal frame with gold legs that give it a modern, yet elegant look. The marble top makes this piece even more unique. It would look great in a living room or den and makes the perfect focal point for any room! Read on to learn more about this spectacular and unique piece of furniture and make sure to add it to your wish list today!

About this unique coffee table: The Carter modern coffee table is made from Patagonia marble and has a rich opulent color in a smooth mirror-like finish. It features a metal frame with shiny gold legs in two different designs to give it a luxurious look and make it stand out from the rest of the furniture in the room. It has a large, spacious surface that can be used for decorative purposes, as well as multiple support structures to ensure stability and durability.

Length: 155
Width: 90
Height: 35