Nora Marble Dining Table

AED  17,500.00

Introducing the Nora Marble Dining Table, a strong and stylish centerpiece to elevate your dining area. It is crafted with a solid and nonporous marble surface. This table doesn’t get stained and is made to stay strong. Its oval top is fashionable, making it versatile for any area. The desk’s dramatic texture adds a touch of charm. This table combines modern design with unending elegance with a strong base.

  • Solid and nonporous marble surface for stability
  • Oval top for a fashionable look
  • Dramatic texture that increases various styles and areas
  • Strong base for a current contact

Length: 260
Width: 100
Height: 75
Measurement tolerance (±cm): 3

Packaging materials: 97% Carton-Paper, 3% Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Unpacking suggestions: Be careful opening with a knife.

General warnings: Do not place near direct sources of heat. Keep away from direct solar light. Do not use abrasive products like acetones, bleaches, solvents, etc. Sharp elements can scratch the product surface.