Nova Sofa

AED  9,950.00

Introducing the “Nova Sofa” – an example of modern charm, at Cozy Home Dubai. Experience the luxury of this amazing piece, where a strong wooden frame meets the smooth feel of cream velvet fabric, inviting you to enjoy comfort like never before. The “Nova Sofa” has a strong style that shows simple beauty.

Experience the work of innovation as the “Nova Sofa” and its special technology that makes it different from regular sofas. When you sit down, you’ll notice the unique shape of the backrest that goes up and down, making it comfy and lovely to look at. It makes sitting down even more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Made with a strong wooden frame covered in soft, textured cream fabric.
  • The bold design shows simple beauty with straight lines and a low, sleek shape.
  • Experience an innovation with layers of unique technological arrangement that set it apart.
  • Enjoy the unique up-and-down shape of the backrest, which looks like an amplifier or piano keys.

Width: 182
Depth: 100
Height: 82
Seat Height: 45
Seat WIdth: 58
Measurement tolerance (±cm): 3

Item Code: CH230NV300

Foam hardness level: Medium
Number of units per SKU: 1
Use: Domestic
Indoor (yes/no): Yes
For use in covered outdoor spaces (yes/no): No
For outdoor use (yes/no): No
Seating capacity: 3
Sliding seat (yes/no): No
Seat removable cover (yes/no): No
Backrest removable cover (yes/no): No
Adjustable feet (yes/no): No
Armrest included (yes/no): No

Number of packages: 1
Package dimensions: Length: 187cm, Width: 105cm, Height: 87cm
Packaging materials: 97% Carton-Paper, 3% Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Unpacking suggestions: Be careful opening with a knife.
Assembly required (yes/no): No

General warnings: Do not place near direct sources of heat. Keep away from direct solar light. Do not use abrasive products like acetones, bleaches, solvents, etc. Sharp elements can scratch the product surface.