Zegna Set of 2 Marble Coffee Table

Original price was: AED  12,650.00.Current price is: AED  10,495.00.

Introducing the epitome of comfort – the “Zegna Set of 2 Marble Coffee Tables,” a high-class gem from Cozy Home Dubai. Elevate your living area with a matchless luxury design. This table shows an attractive top made of Veneciano white marble, showing elegance and comfort.

Release creativity in materials with the Zegna Set, where each piece shows careful craftsmanship. The pedestal base is a work of art that brilliantly matches the luxurious marble. A masterpiece of textures and qualities dances through your space, adding layers of strength that alter your surroundings into a haven of unending modification.

  • Luxurious Veneciano white marble top.
  • Pedestal base design elevates the artistic description.
  • Celebrate the essential beauty of natural substances.

Small Table : Length 110cm, Width 50cm, Height 34cm
Big Table : Length 140cm, Width 60cm, Height 40cm

Length: 140, 110
Width: 60, 50
Height: 40, 34
Measurement tolerance (±cm): 3

Number of units per SKU: 2
Use: Domestic
Indoor (yes/no): Yes
For use in covered outdoor spaces (yes/no): Yes
For outdoor use (yes/no): No

Number of packages: 2
Package dimensions: Length 120cm, Width 60cm, Height 44cm Length 150cm, Width 70cm, Height 50cm
Packaging materials: 97% Carton-Paper, 3% Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Main material: Marble
Legs material: Marble

Unpacking suggestions: Be careful opening with a knife.
Assembly required (yes/no): No

General warnings: Do not place near direct sources of heat. Keep away from direct solar light. Do not use abrasive products like acetones, bleaches, solvents, etc. Sharp elements can scratch the product surface.