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Ramadan Sale: Enjoy Up to 50% Off on Various Furniture Items!

As Ramadan is going, it’s the perfect moment to infuse your living space with a sense of renewal and freshness. Cozy Home Dubai heartily welcomes customers to the fantastic Ramadan Sale: shop for your favorite furniture pieces now at a discount flat 50% price. This sale is not only about shopping; this is about you getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grace your home with a new level of comfort, elegance, and style at unbeatable prices. Renovate your sitting room, dining area, and bedroom from our collection. Then, you can say your home resonates with Ramadan’s peaceful and reflective essence.

Our Exclusive Furniture Deals

With our ongoing Ramadan Sale, everything you wish is here with us. With Cozy Home Dubai, you’ll find everything you need to elevate your home’s aesthetics and comfort, all at incredibly discounted prices. Our sale extends across a wide array of high-quality furniture pieces, from the core elements that define a room to the accent pieces that add personality and flair. Here are some of the highlights from our collection:

  • Luxurious Living Room Sets
  • Elegant Dining Tables and Chairs
  • Cozy Bedroom Sets
  • Chic Decor Items

Enhance your home this Ramadan with these select deals:

Karlis Rattan Room Divider in Teak Wood:

Elevate your interior décor with the ‘Karlis Rattan Room Divider’ brought to you by Cozy Home Dubai. It is manufactured using high-quality materials. This piece of furniture has great durability and toughness. It comprises an environmentally friendly cane design. It is non-toxic, insect-proof, and smooth in texture. This room divider is very versatile. Let you choose your room layout with the flexibility of ‘Karlis Rattan Room Divider.’

  •         Made with precision and the best materials for toughness and durability.
  •         Environmentally friendly cane webbing is non-toxic, insect-proof, and clean to form.
  •         Flexible structure for unique arrangements.
  •         Sturdy construction for long-lasting use

 Enjoy a stylish space with 43% off.

Pauls Bar Cart:

Presenting you one of the most impressive products of Cozy Home Dubai, the ‘Paul’s Bar Cart.’ This bar cart is your best entertaining companion. It is a beautiful creation for serving drinks. It is prepared with high-quality rattan, making it a perfect tool to carry your refreshments.

The ‘Paul’s Bar Cart’ offers a wonderful experience. Its large-sized wheels provide smooth navigation. It has two trays that provide enough space for your refreshments. These trays have curved edges that act as a shield for your things. The gaps between the plates allow you to clean them easily. The teak cabinet is not only visually attractive but also very resistant to extensive use. The glass top enhances both aesthetics and functionality. This cart ensures safety on your outside journey with smooth rolling motion and caster wheels.

  •         Large diameter wheels and integrated cope
  •         Dual trays that are slightly curved for spill prevention.
  •         Easy-to-clean design by providing enough gaps between trays.
  •         Teak cabinets are designed for prolonged use.
  •         Natural wooden top for a touch of natural beauty.
  •         Smooth-rolling cart ready with locking caster wheels for safety

Enjoy 46% off on this item.

Kiki Dining Chair:

Introducing the Kiki Dining Chair from Cozy Home Dubai, a stylish and cozy addition to your home! This dining chair is designed with elegance that elevates your space. Crafted with fabric material and strong beech wood, it looks pretty; it’s made attractive.

The captivating donut-shaped backrest chair gives a charming look, featuring soft upholstery and a stable frame. When you take a seat, you will immediately experience comfort. It’s like sitting in a comfy covering! The Kiki Dining Chair is perfect for leisurely dining or as an innovative chair, with its velvet backrest including a touch of luxuriousness and creativity in your area.

  •         Stylish design that enhances your decor.
  •         Durable creation with fabric and beech wood.
  •         Soft and comfortable with a seat and cushioned back.
  •         Luxurious velvety donut-shaped backrests brought beauty.

Dine in style and comfort with 46% off.

Jacqueline Armchair:

Presenting you the most cozy and stylish Jacqueline Armchair by Cozy Home Dubai. Bring your seating experience to the next level with its unique design. It is created with great attention to detail. It is an ideal combination of high-quality fabric and a shining gold steel base. Its velvet is so smooth and gentle that it attracts everyone’s eyes.

Its curved open back gives you extra comfort. The ‘Jacqueline Armchair’ will be your excellent choice. Its rounded seat is so soft and smooth. It will enhance the interior beauty of your space because its design is excellent. It will be your perfect partner when you are tired. The seat and open back offer a comfortable, stylish, modern environment.

  •         High-quality fabric and a gold steel base
  •         Very soft and gentle velvet that gives deep comfort
  •         Unique curved open back with a rectangular front
  •         Fixed cylindrical seat
  •         Rich maroon color that attracts everyone

 Add a touch of sophistication to any room with 55% off.

Edith Bench:

Introducing the “Edith Bench” from Cozy Home Dubai – where style meets comfort in a perfect combo. This modern bench is designed to easily suit any domestic decor, bringing comfort to your living space.

The metal steel base provides an amusing touch, ensuring the bench looks best and stands the look of the time. Its thick seat, made of high-class leather-based, affords maximum comfort. Its modern design and fantastic metal offer this bench a high-class texture that immediately elevates your living area. Each Edith Bench is a unique piece crafted by professional artists using natural materials. Elevate your home’s fashion and luxury with the Edith Bench – a masterpiece that gives artistry with practicality.

  •         Elegant design to fit any home decor.
  •         Sturdy metallic base for luxury and stability.
  •         Thick leather-based seat for maximum comfort
  •         Handmade by skilled artisans with natural substances

Perfect for a cozy nook, now at 33% off.

Estelle Curved Club Chair:

The Estelle adds a strong aesthetic presence to the most sparsely decorated settings. It can be upholstered in a range of fabrics like Bouclé, Velvets, and leathers, with legs in stainless steel.

  •         The curvaceous silhouette is further enhanced with refined metal legs
  •         The double backrest features subtle seam detailing to emphasize its curvaceous shape
  •         Available in fabric and leather, the perfect sofa for any home

Create a comfortable and chic corner with 31% off.


These selected items are designed to breathe new life into your space, offering functionality and unmatched style. From the Karlis Rattan Room Divider to the cozy Estelle Curved Club Chair, our Ramadan Sale has everything you need to prepare your home for the holy month.

Limited Time Offer!

Remember that our Ramadan Sale will only last for a limited time. Don’t miss this chance to take advantage of up to 50% off our great collections. Browse our collection today and celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan this year. Do it in style and comfort at Cozy Home Dubai.

Celebrate the spirit of Ramadan with Cozy Home Dubai and reflect the beauty and serenity of this blessed month in your house. Shop now and step into a space that feels fresh and rejuvenated.


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