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Sleek Bar Carts to Complement Your Dubai Home Decor: Shop Now!

Welcome to Cozy Home Dubai, the premier destination for finding the perfect bar carts for your home. Cozy Home Dubai, a leading name among furniture stores in UAE, has a wide range of exclusive bar carts meant for durability and style, best to fit into your living space to enhance it to the best. Our collection includes the Linda Bar Cart Trolley, Pauls Bar Cart, and the Bar Cart Trolley with Glass Top. An assurance of international shipping to 186 countries and a comprehensive 5-year warranty on every product made that choice simple with Cozy Home Dubai. Dive into the world of Cozy Home Dubai, where quality, functionality, and design meet to enhance your home décor experience.

Discover Our Exclusive Bar Cart Collection

At Cozy Home Dubai, we understand the essence of home aesthetics. Our selection of the finest bar carts exemplify elegance and functionality, including the Linda Bar Cart Trolley, Pauls Bar Cart, and the Bar Cart Trolley with Glass Top.

Linda Bar Cart Trolley:

Introducing you to the Linda Bar Cart Trolley by Cozy Home Dubai. This one-of-a-kind bar cart has such a special shape. A Linda bar cart trolley represents simple arrangements of drinks and glasses, ready for guests in the most elegant way. It has two shelves to give plenty of space, and they are black and easy to clean. The cart’s frame is made of strong metal with a matte black finish for any room. It’s also easy to move around because it has four wheels, and you can lock them to keep them in place. This trolley comfortably fits in any room or balcony space. Its modern, clean design ensures it fits all decor styles, making it a perfect addition for serving guests. Its base is metallic tubes, which add up to modern comfort.

  •             Unique, distinctive shape
  •             Sturdy metal frame for balance
  •             Base made from steel tubes
  •             Matte black finish

Pauls Bar Cart:

Presenting you one of the most amazing products of Cozy Home Dubai, the ‘Paul’s Bar Cart’. This bar cart is your best entertaining companion. It is a beautiful creation for serving drinks. It is prepared with high-quality rattan, making it a perfect tool to carry your refreshments.

The ‘Paul’s Bar Cart’ offers a wonderful experience. Its large-sized wheels provide smooth navigation. It has two trays that provide enough space for your refreshments. These trays have curved edges that act as a shield for your things. The gaps between the plates allow you to clean them easily. The teak cabinet is not only visually attractive but also very resistant to extensive use. The glass top enhances both aesthetics and functionality. This cart ensures safety on your outside journey with smooth rolling motion and caster wheels.

  •             Large diameter wheels and integrated cope
  •             Dual trays that are slightly curved for spill prevention.
  •             Easy-to-clean design by providing enough gaps between trays.
  •             Teak cabinets are designed for prolonged use.
  •             Natural wooden top for a touch of natural beauty.
  •             Smooth-rolling cart ready with locking caster wheels for safety

Bar Cart Trolley with Glass Top:

Cozy Home Dubai introduces the elegant “Bar Cart Trolley with Glass Top”. This Bar Cart Trolley is an elegant serving cart that blends functionality with style. This two-tier design has spacious glass tops that offer an open, clean surface to display and move drinks, appetizers, or cocktail components. The cart frame has a luxurious gold tone finish for the perfect classic look. It’s also easy to move around because it has four wheels, and you can lock them to keep them in place. With its combination of glass and gold, this Bar Cart Trolley is the perfect choice for those who appreciate elegance. It can be used during parties and gatherings.

  •             Luxurious gold tone finish
  •             Spacious glass top
  •             Four wheels to move around

Versatile in Design

Our range of bar carts, including the Linda Bar Cart Trolley, Pauls Bar Cart, and Bar Cart Trolley with Glass Top, complements most home decor. Whether modern, traditional, or eclectic decor, Cozy Home Dubai has all these bar cart options to blend in beautifully with your home. These are not just practical pieces to use but also have a significant effect on making the room look better. Their versatility, from serving drinks to displaying your favorite collectables, means they could be used in multiple settings.

Global trends and local flavors

Our bar cart collection at Cozy Home Dubai truly reflects our endeavors to bring global furniture trends with local tastes, cultures, and aspirations into the UAE market. This union makes every piece, from the modern Linda Bar Cart Trolley with sleek detailing to the flexible Bar Cart Trolley with Glass Top, universally appealing while suiting the distinct aesthetics of homes in Dubai. Our design team stays ahead in ensuring the collection reflects modernity in home decor trends.

Affordable Luxury

Cozy Home Dubai believes in offering luxury without the heavy price tag.  Our bar carts are fairly priced, so there’s no need to compromise your style or budget for quality. With our transparent pricing and detailed descriptions of products, shop with ease and comfort. We aim to bring you affordable luxury that compliments your way of life.

Easy to Assemble and Care

We prioritize providing ease without compromising quality or style at Cozy Home Dubai. Our designed bar carts are very simple to assemble to help you in the easiest way possible when setting up your new piece of furniture. All our products are dispatched with clear and plain assembly instructions and all the necessary tools. In addition, we offer you easy care and maintenance tips that will assure you that the bar cart will remain an elegant home feature for many years ahead. This attention to practicality ensures that time with our furniture is enjoyable from the moment it arrives at your doorstep.


In conclusion, Cozy Home Dubai stands to be about style, quality, and innovation that are part of the home decor landscape in the UAE. From the vintage Linda Bar Cart Trolley to the modern Pauls Bar Cart and even the stylish Bar Cart Trolley with Glass Top, our carefully selected range of bar carts will cater to the many different desires of our customers. From the seamless online shopping experience and the commitment to eco-friendly practices, world-class customer support, and affordable luxuries, our pursuit is always to exceed expectations. With added benefits of customization, ease of assembly, and international shipping, the choice of Cozy Home Dubai for your home furnishing needs guarantees one not just a purchase but an investment in beauty, function, and sustainability. Turn your living room into comfort with Cozy Home Dubai – your ultimate destination for furniture in the UAE.


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