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Creating Your Dream Comfortable Home in Dubai: Tips and Tricks

Comfortable Home in Dubai

But what is comfortable for you? Comfort involves convenience, an organized layout, beautiful and functional furniture, and an overall inviting atmosphere. A comfortable home should be designed around your lifestyle. Many like to have throw blankets. You can one in each room over the sofa or chair, or stash them in baskets when not in use.

A comfortable home looks and feels lived-in and loved. It is inviting and gives guests a sense of who lives there because it feels deeply personal. The size of your home is not important, but what is, is the feel, looks, sound, and even smell of your home. Is it comfortable? Do aspects of your home cause delight? Do guests feel free to relax and let go? Comfort is all the things that give us that wonderful “homey” feeling.

A comfortable home can be done in any style – be it traditional, cottage, modern. It should be done over time, and things bought with a sense of purpose to complete the look you want.

Nothing is as cozy as snuggling up on a velvet sofa. Most people find a deep, sink-into sofa the ideal place for enjoying time at home. You can have velvet throw pillows when an entire velvet sofa is not practical. There is something incredibly cozy and comfortable about placing a pillow-filled sofa by the window, which lets in a lot of natural light. In rooms made for relaxation, have a spot for everyone to put their feet up, like on an ottoman, coffee table with an upholstered top, or a sofa to lie down on.

We advise our customers to think about the furniture you will be spending the most time on and invest in those pieces for better quality and more comfort. If you have children and think they will be jumping on the upholstery, remember that, generally, upholstery of higher quality can take more of a beating than the cheap stuff. Fabrics that clean easily, are stain-resistant or water-repellant will be a better value for your money. Today you can buy fabrics that can even hide spills from wines or other drinks! You don’t have to worry about guests coming to your home and being afraid to touch things!


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