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Selecting the right sofa

The living room is wide open for you to be creative, as your furniture options are vast. Your living space should be a room you’re proud of. It may be the only room in your home that guests see because its where you do your entertaining, so leaving a welcoming and personalized space is key. For example, there is a growing trend to focus more on cozying up the living room, making it into a retreat-like space and creating nooks within larger living spaces.

When choosing your furnishings think about your needs and consider your focal points. The three most common focal points for a living space are the TV, the fireplace and a window with a beautiful view. You can even combine your focal points by hanging the TV above your fireplace.

The living room can have any number of different configurations.

Don’t forget you’re the creator of your home so think first about your needs. If you like to gather around the TV and relax with your family on a comfy sofa than you should probably look for a sectional sofa or an L-shape sofa.

Do you want to have a conversational focus? Having your sofa and armchairs facing each other will help achieve this. The Chanel sofa is an elegant formal sofa that can be customized in any size and fabric. You could place a 3-seater facing a 2-seater and create a welcoming living room for cozy conversations.

Don’t get stuck: It is wise to start with a furniture plan before you shop, but don’t be afraid to rearrange, and then rearrange again and again. This is often the only way to find the ideal solution. Plus, your same old things can look completely different when reshuffled.

Invest in a Quality Sofa

Your sofa will be one of the most used items in your living room. When buying a sofa, invest in quality and you’ll be repaid in comfort for years to come. A quality sofa lasts a lifetime.

Quality translates into beauty and comfort. The ideal stuffing is soft fiber, wrapped around a piece of foam for some shape-holding stability. Foam feather wraps are the best option for seat cushions. They’ll hold their shape and you won’t be forever fluffing them up before sitting down. A sofa with piped edges conveys a sense of luxury.

Advice: Please do not get a matching set of furniture. Your armchairs should not be the same as your sofa. Matchy-matchy might be the most common choice but won’t create a visual interest. You can stay in the same color palette for a patterned armchair or create a contrast.


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