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Three Seater Sofa Ramadan Deals with COZY HOME

Tyler 3 Seater Sofa

Ramadan is a time for reflection, connection, and comfort. Cozy Home, the best furniture store in UAE, understands the importance of making a welcoming and relaxing area for those special Ramadan nights spent with family and friends. This Ramadan, we are pleased to offer special Ramadan deals on our 3-seater sofas, ensuring your house is prepared for the holy month without reaching your budget. With global shipping to 186 international countries, a 5-year guarantee on every product, and 3-D models on our website for better visualization, making your home for Ramadan has never been easier or more accessible.

Cozy Home Dubai's Ramadan Furniture Deals

This Ramadan, Cozy Home Dubai provides unbeatable offers on our luxurious 3-seater sofas crafted to decorate your living space with style and comfort. Whether you host a big family iftar or play a quiet night of reflection, our sofas provide the perfect setting. Our collection consists of:

Atlas 3-Seater Sofa

Introducing the modern “Atlas 3-seater Sofa” brought to you by Cozy Home Dubai. It is a masterpiece of furniture. The seat is soft and cozy to provide a luxury of comfort. Enhance the interior beauty of your living space with its artistic design.

The “Atlas 3-seater sofa” offers a complete package with its back cushions. Rest your back on its fluffy pillows. The armrests add value to the overall comfort. The filling foam is wrapped around high-quality fabric that gives it a nice and warm texture. The four-foot wooden legs complement its beauty and provide extra stability as well.

  • Comfortable seats elevate your seating experience.
  • Back cushions that provide extra comfort
  • Armrests provide additional relaxation.
  • Wooden legs provide stability to the body.

Get a 33% discount on atlas 3 seater sofa.

Otto 3 Seater Sofa

Otto 3 Seater Sofa

Elevate your interior with the attractive Otto 3-seater SofaSofa, a masterpiece by Cozy Home Dubai. It combines style with comfort. Its unique design catches your attention and makes your space more interesting. The removable seat and large cylindrical comfy cushion give you an extra sense of pleasure. The option to customize the fabric ensures a perfect fit for your taste. Natural fibers give a casual and relaxed vibe, perfect for relaxing after a long day.
The Otto Sofa is an example of comfort. This SofaSofa invites you to enjoy lounging in the best way, combining luxury and comfort to create a new way to relax.

Customizable fabric options provide personal style
Natural fiber-covered seats create a relaxed environment
It can handle liquid and stains well, making it easy to clean.
Carefully designed to bring warmth and contrast to your space.

Get a 20% discount on the otto 3 seater sofa.

Nova Sofa

Introducing the “Nova Sofa” – an example of modern charm, at Cozy Home Dubai. Experience the luxury of this amazing piece, where a strong wooden frame meets the smooth feel of cream velvet fabric, inviting you to enjoy comfort like never before. The “Nova Sofa” has a strong style that shows simple beauty.

Experience the work of innovation as the “Nova Sofa” and its special technology that makes it different from regular sofas. When you sit down, you’ll notice the unique shape of the backrest that goes up and down, making it comfy and lovely to look at. It makes sitting down even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Made with a strong wooden frame covered in soft, textured cream fabric.
The bold design shows simple beauty with straight lines and a low, sleek shape.
An innovation with layers of unique technological arrangement that set it apart.
Enjoy the unique up-and-down shape of the backrest, which looks like an amplifier or piano keys.

Get 47% discount on the nova 3 seater sofa.

Theo 3 Seater Sofa with Right Table

The Theo three-seater is a gorgeous sofa design that features a side table in teak wood veneer which is built into the frame. There is plenty of seating space in the unique configuration. While you sink into the deep seats, you can remove the pillows and make use of it as a bed for the unexpected guest.

Thin metal legs in contrast to the frame give the sofa a floating look.
The wood table creates a conversation point with a unique look.
The back cushions are stylishly cut at an angle to give maximum back support.

Get 22% discount on theo 3 seater sofa.

Celebrate Ramadan in Style and Comfort

Nova Sofa

Celebrate Ramadan with Cozy Home Dubai’s style and comfortable 3-seater sofas, perfect for hosting and enjoying special moments. Our Ramadan deals let you upgrade your decor affordably, ensuring your home is inviting and chic for the holy month. Make every moment memorable with Cozy Home Dubai, whether it is iftar or late-night time reflections.

Why Choose Cozy Home Dubai?

Choosing Cozy Home Dubai for your Ramadan furniture requires selecting unmatched, excellent providers. As the best furniture store in UAE, we are committed to providing our customers with huge merchandise that mixes smoothly into any home decor. Our Ramadan Sale on 3-seater sofas is one way we try to supply value and style to our customers, allowing you to create a warm and alluring space for the holy month. With our international delivery, 5 years warranty, and the modern 3-D model visualization device, Cozy Home Dubai guarantees a hassle-free buying experience, making it easier than ever to convey the beauty and comfort of our furniture into your house this Ramadan.


In conclusion, make your Ramadan gatherings more special and comfortable with Cozy Home Dubai’s unique 3-seater sofa offers. Our selection gives something for every taste and space, ensuring your home is ready for this blessed month. Visit us today and discover why we have the desired preference for elegant and affordable furniture inside the UAE.


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